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'I grew up in Bali and know surf spots like the back of my hand. With my years of experience in surf camps and as a freelancer, I hope to give you my surf vibe. For me, safety, fun and quality are paramount! Although I am the owner of Surf with Aldo Bali, I really appreciate my team. We share the same vibe!'



'In 2018 I married Aldo,  the surf addict.  Besides having my own online school EigenReis, I enjoy working behind the scenes at our surf school. I enjoy building our business and would love to surf next to you during a lesson or coaching. I'm crazy about long boarding, but also enjoy surfing on a short board.'



'I was born and raised in Medewi, a town on a two hour drive from Canggu. We have a nice surf spot where I learned to surf. After working for several years in various surf camps, it was a logical step to start working together with Aldo and create our own high quality surfschool.'



'I grew up in Cimaja (West Java) where my father the legend was named. He took me on a surfboard as a little kid and then taught me to surf on my own. In Bali I started working in a surf camp, then as a freelance instructor on the beach and then I was asked by Aldo to collaborate. This is what I enjoy!'


As a surf coach, Aldo heads Surf With Aldo Bali. He lives  spent most of his life in Bali and knows the island like the back of his hand. As a teenager he discovered that the sea gave him what he was looking for: passion, pleasure and tranquility. He preferred the waves to going to school. This ensured that he started his surfing instruction at a young age  graduated and went to work in one of the surf camps in Bali.

When he felt it was time to develop himself further, he decided to work as an all-rounder in a surf shop. He learned to run the business, repair surfboards and still give surf lessons and coaching. He got sponsors who believed in his talent.

After spending several years in the surfing world around Canggu and Bali, Aldo increasingly noticed the diversity in the quality of surf lessons and coaching. In 2016 he decided to start his own business. Although his vision was clear, he found it difficult to become visible. Until one day...


Ever since Aldo and Arinda met in 2017, there has been a special click between the two. On the beach in Batu Bolong (Canggu, Bali), Aldo shared his plans for the future and the vision of his company. At the time, Arinda was living in Bali and teaching online. In addition, she has spent a lot of time in the past designing innovative education and quality assurance. She likes sports: gymnastics, football and since 2017 also surfing.  


The qualities turned out to be a perfect combination. The two got married in 2018 and have been building their surf school ever since.



Surf With Aldo Bali offers personalized surf lessons, coaching and trips for anyone interested in surfing in Bali. After the basic lessons, you will receive instructions to continue practicing and follow follow-up lessons when you think you need it. All surf lessons and coaching are of high quality and are led by qualified local surf instructor(s).

Our surf school aims to meet the individual needs of the student. Our mission is to get the best out of students, where every student can develop optimally in a safe surfing environment.


Surf With Aldo Bali aims to permanently improve the quality of surf lessons, coaching and trips based on reviews and your own input. All students receive tailor-made lessons so that the student can benefit optimally.


You've read the story behind Surf With Aldo. We hope it caught your attention! So… drop us a line, grab endless energy and hop on a surfboard with us. We're confident you'll get the surf kick in no time!


PS We are not responsible for any surf addictions.

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