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On the basis of the description and photos you can see what your level is. If you want to learn to surf, our goal is to get you from absolute beginner (level 0) to beginner level (level 1) within five lessons, then to intermediate level (level 2) within five lessons.


Private Surf Lesson


Absolute Beginner

If you've never surfed before, you can say you're a  absolute beginner  are. It is now important that you get acquainted with the technique: body tension, paddling and the technique of standing on the board. It is also important to learn what the rules are in the water to  keep yourself and others safe. You surf on a soft top surfboard. Besides getting to know the technique, the goal is to have fun in the water!



If you've surfed before, you can say you're on the  beginner  level you have reached. If you haven't surfed with us before, we'll take a refresher and take you through the 3-step instruction. This way we can see if you have remembered the basics and if your technique is good. You surf on a soft top surfboard. The aim is to further master the technique and to  surf unbroken waves .



After the phase of surfing on a soft top surfboard, where you learned to apply the surfing technique, it is time to level up. The biggest difference is surfing on a hard top surfboard. We choose a long board (9") at the beginning and then a little shorter when you're ready. We also take you to a point where you learn to ride bigger waves  to take. At Batu Bolong this is the third line.


Intermediate Longboarding

Longboarding is perfect on the waves at Batu Bolong Beach, the Old Mans Break and Pantai Kedungu. Learn to catch uninterrupted waves, bigger waves and te  maneuver  with the surfboard. How do you make speed, make turns with the board, can you walk on the board? All parts that you learn within this level. It is important that you also dare to go into the water yourself to develop yourself.



Have you mastered the technique, can you tackle waves yourself and can you perform various maneuvers? Then you have reached the advanced level. It is then a challenge to  surf spot  to try. At Echo Beach you will find good waves or at Pantai Berawa, in the south of Bali (around Uluwatu) and in Medewi as the swell  good is. The last spot is also great for long boarders if the waves aren't too big. As you can see, Bali has waves for every level!

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