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Amazing surf lessons!

"Lets surf with Aldo is a wonderful surfing experience. The overall service was good, the lessons were very informative which helped me in surfing. No matter what category, beginner or advanced lets surf with Aldo always shows you a new skill or trick."

Sherpa, March 2019

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Successful surf holiday!

"It was a successful surf holiday. I got surf lessons from Aldo who has a surfing company. The explanation was really good. If you have questions you can go to him and is also in for a joke. I would definitely recommend this if you are in Bali."

Jim, February 2019

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Nice to do in Bali!

"Nice experience, surfed for the first time. Excellent coaching and explaining before! I would recommend Surf with Aldo Bali."

Jurian, February 2019

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Fun with Aldo!

"Good equipment, clear coaching and lots of tips and trucs for a cool experience! They know when and where to go and have really easy going and relaxed instructors! Will be back some day!"

Harm, December 2018

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First time surfing!

"What a great time and what a great expierence to surf for the first time! Aldo gave us a good and clear explaination. To do this for the first time was exaiting but very relaxed with Aldo. Good tips, good material, a very happy day! When we are at Bali for the next time we will call you!"

Petra, January 2019

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Surf lesson with Aldo

"Aldo did a great lesson for my son of 8 years old, who is a total beginner at surfing. He adjusted the lesson to the energy level of my son and help him very well to get his first real rides, and Aldo was very enthusiastic. All in all a very good experience, definitely recommend him!"

Thijs, February 2019

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Surf fun!

"Love Canggu!
Aldo was capable to get both my daughters (8&9 ) exited to Surf and to beable to stand alone on a surfboard within 1 lesson!
Aldo and his wife Arinda were very caring about safety, sunblock and protective clothing..
I immediately booked another lesson the next day considering how much the kids enjoyed it..
We will go back because we enjoyed Canggu and the kids want more surfing lessons from Aldo!" 


Sharon, February 2019

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Great instructors and experience!

"The whole experience from beginning to end. Or only was very instructional but it was a complete fun e perience over all, the surfer instructors are absolutely sensational!!! They not only teach you but they also go in the water with you like a one on one session! Absolutely recommended! Will definitely come back here when I come back to Bali!!!! "

T, October 2018

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Aldo the legend!

"What an absolute pleasure to be taught by this funny and infectious man. He is so passionate about his profession / sport that you can be thoroughly consumed by it. Our 7am sessions were the highlight of each day.
By the end of it my son was surfing on the outside - joy to see. An absolute pleasure meeting you and being taught by you"

Robert, September 2018

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Great time!

"For the first time on Bali to learn surfing and a friend advised me to take lessons with Aldo. Aldo is a very experienced and patient instructor who is really knowledgeable and always in for a laugh!

After I was getting a bit better he took me to some amazing less crowded spots to experience the real Bali. Thank you Aldo for the good time and getting me on the board!

Robert, June 2018

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